Owner Operators Tips

Hiring owner operators sounds easy enough for most of us. But to know and understand the business is also an added edge you might want to give yourself before you hiring one.

Owner operators are people who own a trucking business and they’re the operators of these trucks too. There are mainly two types of owner operators; one who leases on to a carrier, and second, which is more common, they operate under their own authority.

Status Transportation ReviewsBefore you choose to hire one, it’s a good idea for you to remember these 5 things about owner operators so not only you’ll get the best deal, but also know you’ve hired the right one. These top 5 things you need to know are based on the Status Transportation reviews by other customers.

1. Trucking Experience
As with almost any field, experience often trumps other factors. However, in trucking business, it takes a while for an owner operator to gain such experience. The average period for an owner operator to be in the business to be considered experienced is 18 years. This is why, most owner operators are aged 35 years old and above. While they are many types of trucking businesses, Status Transportation reviews reported that most of them are truck load (TL) carrier.

2. Business Information
If you want to hire owner operators, it’s important for you to learn of its business information because it can give you an idea of its credibility and reliability. Based on the Status Transportation reviews, owner operators are stable in their locale where they should’ve been in the same area of at least 11 years or so. Other than that, the average mileage recorded by reliable owner operators is more than 100,000 miles of driving per year. The majority of owner operators also tend to operate solo 95% of the time.

3. Trucks Used
Good tools are half work done. In trucking business, it’s important to pay attention to what kind of trucks an owner operator used and also their condition. Reliable owner operators often have their trucks fully paid off. The statistic shows that at least 66% of them have at least paid of their trucks in full. Often, Peterbilt and/or Freightliner are the trucks most preferred by professional and reliable owner operators. These trucks have engines of 450 horsepower or greater. These factors should tell you how serious an owner operator is before you decide to hire them. Hiring owner operators who invested in good trucks is a good indicator of his or her credibility and reliability.

4. Drivers and Employees
Other than knowing the business, it’s also important for you to know the drivers and employees hired by the owner operators. Even though they usually operate under their own authority, many trucking companies hire additional drivers to meet the demand. For owner operators, Status Transportation reviews that 95% of the drivers are male. Though, this is not an absolute indication that younger drivers are less experienced. They have also been with their present trucking companies for at least 7 years. When choosing the right owner operator for you, it’s a good idea to look into their employee drivers so you will have a better idea of how the company is doing and the kind of service you will be getting.

5. Serious Owner Operators
It may seem like a simple thing, but you will know when you’re talking to a passionate owner operator who’s seriously in the business. There are owner operators who are only in for the money and paid less attention to the things mentioned above. In choosing the right owner operator for you, these factors should be considered along with your personal judgment of an owner operator.