Ali shows you how to be happy so you create success.

Happy people live healthier and longer lives. They thrive in their careers and enjoy personal loving relationships.

Decades of research show that happy people lead more successful lives than their counterparts who live ho hum, dull or unhappy lives.

The secret to success lies in being happy first.

Your life works when you operate from the place of happiness. Most people mistakenly seek happiness as an end result.

Ali shows you how to instantly smile. Next she works with you to eliminate the emotional pain connected to programs running your life from your subconscious mind and your brain.

While you cannot erase those programs, you can definitely lose the emotional charge linked to them. Therefore you can recall details without feeling the hurt.

By working with you to create new programs that will over-ride your old patterns, you will build the foundation for the career, health and relationship success you dream about.

How does she do that?

Using what she synthesized from her life experiences as a psychotherapist, specialized kinesiologist, energy practitioner, metaphysical minister, speaker, author, teacher, family member and friend, Ali created a number of techniques that allow you to take charge of your life.

Most notably, Ali’s E.R.A.S.E. System: Easily Remove All Suffering Energetically in 21 Days or Less, includes a personal assessment of your current body, mind and spirit issues causing your world to look as it does. You cannot access that information yourself because those files exist in your subconscious mind out of your awareness. They also hide in your brain.

She tells you what is amiss, how to fix it and how to prevent self-sabotage. After all, the brain functions to keep you safe by preventing change and will try to get you to “change back” when you move out of hurt into happiness.

Ali loves what she does. She causes smiles to blossom.