Acne Scar treatment

Severe acne can leave one’s face with marks and they do not allow you to forget that you had acne during teenage years. They make the face to look disfigured and can fill the face with scars. It is a common problem among many people. Previously one had to learn to live with such scars. But thanks to advances in technology, one does not have to live with it these days. The market is flooded with treatment options that can make acne scars less noticeable or completely disappear in most of the cases .One should consult a good dermatologist , who can in turn suggest treatment options.

Acne leaves three major types of scars .These are

Ice pick scars – Ice pick scars result in deep but small pits on the face which can sometimes fade away with age.

Boxcar scars – These scars consist of sharp angles and edges and they can be either shallow or deep depending on the person’s skin texture.

Rolling scars – These scars appear to be wide in a wavy pattern. These signify the damage that is present under the surface of the skin.

There are many treatment options that are currently available to treat acne scars and these can also aid in obtaining smooth, glowing skin. In case of small scars, many over the counter creams and lotions are available to get smooth skin. For the treatment of scars, one may need more than one kind of treatment at times. Some of these treatments are conducted in a doctor’s office or as an outpatient procedure in clinics. The treatment options that are currently available are

Skin Resurfacing- Skin resurfacing is a procedure that can help in removing layers of skin that show signs of damage due to deep scarring caused by pimples. It can effectively remove layers of old skin such that new skin grows on the surface.

Laser – Laser treatments are predominantly used to create an even looking surface on the skin. It can banish scars caused by pimples and produce an even and smooth skin tone.

Dermabrasion – In this process, a rapidly spinning wheel with a rough surface is used to remove damaged skin or skin that is filled with acne scars.

Chemical Peel – In this method, a special or unique type of acid is used to remove the topmost fine layer of skin which is usually filled with acne scars. This can help in clearing the deeper most scars.

After all these treatments, new skin begins to grow after about 7 to 10 days of the treatment. The area may stay pink for quite some time after the treatment.