Advertising Frame

Advertising is an industry where one has to keep on using innovative means to market and sell products. Advertising previously involved providing ads on television sets or using newspapers, magazines, hoardings, banners and other print media to effectively showcase their products. But the concept of internet and digital photography changed all that. Now the only requirement is unique photography skills using creative ideas to survive in the ad world.

Digital picture frames e being widely used in the advertising industry these days. These frames are convenient for users as they can showcase a host of products using these frames or a single product in various dimensions. Advertisers can reach out to their customers better using these frames as customers can see a good collection of images of a particular product in the form of a slide show. This can tempt users to invest in the product. They also save time unlike flat TV sets because new images can be added instantaneously .If someone needs to update the existing image, delete or change it, he can do it in the wink of an eye.

In addition to playing a slideshow of mostly images in the JPEG format, an advertising picture frame is also beneficial in playing videos.MP3`music can be also played using these frames and these can create a calming effect or uplifts a person’s mood depending on the product you like to endorse. These will further influence customers to buy the advertised product. The electronic signage, electronic picture frame for business advertising also makes a more effective home display due to the music playing capability as well.

Businesses mostly choose LCD screens with glossy borders for the purpose of advertising. This design has been found to have a positive effect on the minds of people. The edges or borders of the unit are the only trait that differentiates large digital photo frame and a normal home based digital photo screen. Both 15 inch and 19 inch LCD screens are widely used in advertising display. Also frames with remote controls have made it efficient to operate these digital picture frames. One can also adjust the settings or change the music according to the product. The frames can be wall mounted in malls and other shopping places for better benefits.

On the back of the unit, there are controls so users can change settings without the remote if necessary. The 15 and 19 inch digital photo picture frame screens can be positioned in landscape format only on a counter. However, each screen does wall mount in both horizontal and vertical orientation. The large digital picture frames are commonly used in restaurants to promote new menu items or a selection of drinks. They are also placed in checkout counters in shopping areas. They are also used in banks and share markets to display the rates and other data associated with financial products. These large advertising frames are also used in companies to communicate with employees within the premise.People mostly use the 2GB memory variant of these advertising frames as it can help them in storing a large amount of files.