Award winning toys for five year olds

It is found that some of the best kids’ toys are designed in such a way that the kids are kept interested and engaged for long periods of time. Some of the toys are designed in such a way that they stimulate the brain development of the kids. Such toys are rewarded by various organizations. Let us have a look at some of the best childrens toys  for five year olds

Oonies – Creative kids will love the newly released game called Oonies. These Oonies are nothing but little balloons that inflate and stick together. They add fuel to the curious brains of children. Their colourful structure more or less appeals to the young minds. These Oonie kits also come with several add ons like eyes, pellets, connectors etc. Using all the connectors the child can awaken his spiritual side to make long chains of jungle animals.

eeBoo I never Forget a Face Matching Game – This game comprises of 24 smiling faces of children from all the countries of the world. Kids will find it exciting and challenging to match the faces in this fabulous memory based game for the kids

Faceted Crayons – This two tone octahedron shaped crayons are designed to obtain cool shading effects.It is a washable paint set that is quite an enchanting gift for the kids.

Melissa and Doug Clay set – It comprises of clay which is a favourite of five year olds. Children can play with this play dough or clay for hours together without getting bored. This play dough is meant for kids generally.

Perler Beads Sunny Days Activity Bucket – These perler beads are again a favourite of kids, most importantly five year olds. These children are old enough to not eat the beads and instead use them in crafting bracelets, rings, neck chains etc.