Backyard landscaping

Landscaping is one of the most favoured occupations in Australia. The demand for landscape designers or architects is increasing with each passing day owing to the growing fetish amongst people for beautiful landscaped gardens. In cities like Melbourne, which is one of the biggest in Australia, the value of a property is dependent on landscaping these days. Properties with landscaped areas have been found to fetch more value to the owners than others. This is because, landscaping is great for the environment as it reduces pollution and it has been shown to improve the health of a person as well. Backyard landscaping creates a place for leisure and relaxation. It enhances the beauty of a property and also keeps pollution in check. It keeps the area clean and creates a place for hosting parties.

Backyard landscaping is not a very difficult task. By keeping the following tips in mind, one can create a beautiful place to hang out with friends and family

Lawn Edges – Landscape architects suggest that a simple process of mowing the lawn and keeping the edges trimmed can result in an increase in property value. This can create a restrained or tamed look for your backyard making it to appear as low maintenance. You can make use of physical barriers made of timber, steel, brick or stone as well to create an edge. The effect can be also achieved with the use of a spade

Grow plants – Grow a limited number of plants but remember to plant more plants of the same species. Look for plants that need very little maintenance but can remain green throughout the year. Also plant a voluminous garden in places which overlook neighbours houses or those that face busy roads. They create a visual barrier and reduce the noise as well resulting in a relaxed atmosphere. Home buyers look forward to investing in such properties

Add more colours – Make the entranceways of doors look enticing with clipped topiary and fill small pots in garden areas with colourful flower bearing plants to create a visual spectacle. In case if you are selling the property, the advantage of this is that, you can carry the flower pots with you

Prune – Prune conservatively to make the garden look neat and well maintained. But take care to not make the garden area look bare. In case there is a swimming pool in your backyard which is common, try to impress guests or potential buyers by landscaping the area around the pool.