Best cryptocurrency to invest in 2018

Cryptocurrencies are the biggest thing in the market off late. Every investor and financial consultant out there is continuously speaking about it. People are largely influenced by the amount of profits it is generating. The market is highly unregulated even though many countries and organizations across the world are trying hard to regulate it. As a result the prices are very much fluctuating. Everyone is aware that the usual currencies are being issued by the central banks of various countries. This money can be used to carry out financial transactions.

Cryptocurrencies are nothing but digital currencies which are regulated by the “blockchain” mechanism. Each and every transaction is recorded as and when it takes place making it highly secure. It is currently thus not under the control of any Governmental entity. The transactions made using cryptocurrencies thus remain undetected making it easier for people who wish to remain anonymous. Some of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in t5he year 2018 are

Ethereum – This Ethereum currency was introduced by a computer programmer named Vitalik Buterin. The currency entered the market in 2015 with about 12 million pre-mined coins. The value of this currency grew up to 13,000% in just the last year. Thus is became the best cryptocurrency in the year 2018.People could trade, sell or purchase with this currency in 2018.

VeChain – This currency has its roots in China and the currency deserves much more recognition according to experts. The company is owned by Sunny Liu who along with his team intend to develop suppl7y chain solutions for Chinese corporate which in turn will help in the prevention of counterfeiting.

Ripple – This currency is being widely recognized and accepted by several companies. It is also being accepted by reputed institutions like MIT. They consider it to be a legitimate payment source.

Litecoin – This is developed based on the framework of the much acclaimed Bitcoin.It is one of the fastest cryptocurrencies because Litecoin can process a block every once in 2.5 minutes. Owing to this property, the currency has witnessed a dramatic surge in its value. It is currently counted to be one amongst the top few cryptocurrencies in the world.

Dash – It is one of the most independent cryptocurrencies out there. According to reports , every day more than 100m USD worth of transactions are handled using Dash. Thus it has emerged as one of the most sought after cryptocurrencies in the world.