Best Limited Ingredient Dog Food

Many people plan to feed their dogs limited ingredient dog foods when their dog shows signs of having food intolerance or allergies. Some of the common symptoms of food intolerance or allergies include flaky or itchy skin, diarrhea, chronic gas, continuous licking of feet or back and also continuous scratching of the ears. It is essential to talk with a vet before feeding your dog with limited ingredient dog food based on the symptoms alone.

Some of the common terms used in discussing Limited Ingredient dog food are

Novel Protein – This means that the protein source used is not a common enough ingredient such as beef or chicken. Common ingredients are known to cause more food allergies than uncommon ones.

Single Source protein – A limited ingredient dog food which comprises of a single protein in its list of ingredients is called a single source protein dog food. Since it has come to light that food allergies are largely caused by proteins, using a single source of protein can help you in better identifying the offending ingredient.

Grain Free – It is found that grains are the leading cause of food allergies. So some vets advise you to eliminate grains completely from the diet. Grain free however is not the same as limited ingredient.

Some of the best Limited Ingredient Dog foods available in the market are

Blue Basics Lid Formula – One of the leaders in the category of limited ingredient dog foods is the Blue Earth. Even though it is expensive, it provides high quality nutrients for the canine. They comprise of a single source of protein such as a deboned turkey. It has fibre content obtained from peas and pumpkin as well for obtaining optimum digestive health

Canidae Grain Free Lid Adult formula – This is a leader in the category of limited ingredient dog foods. It has Bison and lamb as two novel protein sources.