Dental Health services

People often neglect their dental health owing to the cost involved or feeling that it is not required generally. But this negligence can cost them a lot as ultimately they end up in emergency rooms due to uncontrollable pain or many other factors. Sometimes lack of dental care can also cause several diseases in the mouth. All these can be prevented by regular dental checkups or visits to a dentist at appropriate times. Some of the dental health services are

Checkups – Dental checkups are necessary for people of all ages staring from the age of one. These checkups can keep dental problems at bay. In the first dental check up,, a dentist usually asks about your medical history and the medicines that you are taking. The medications will have a large bearing on a person’s dental health. In the same way diet also plays a good role in dental health. Hence a dentist would like to know about this generally. Patients are also encouraged in this checkup to speak about their fears related to oral health. Some dentists also perform an oral cancer scan during the process. If a dentist detects some problem, he will advise an X- ray. Following this, the dentist will advise the appropriate steps to be taken and the course of treatment depending on the problem

Dental Bridges- This is one of the most common dental treatments advised by dentists. It is mainly used to keep teeth in place and can be quite handy in case of lost or missing teeth. If a bridge is not used at the right moment to keep teeth in place, it may cause further teeth loss. Bridge can further help in retaining the natural shape of your face. A dentist can advise people on the type of bridge required depending on the facial structure and type of tooth loss.

Periodontal disease – This is also called gum disease and requires immediate treatment. It is very much common among people. Dental health services thus comprise of screening for the disease and suggesting the appropriate form of treatment.

Cosmetic dentistry – This is one of the most commonly sought dental health service. It includes placement of veneers, implants, braces, teeth whitening etc. to name a few. These procedures can help patients to smile confidently and look beautiful by getting rid of ugly tooth such as those that are crowded or cause under bite or overbite, chipped and broken tooth etc. Some of these procedures are quite simple and can be performed in a single appointment also.