Fitbit Blaze vs Apple watch2

Fitbit Blaze was introduced as just a fitness tracker according to company sources. Apple on the other hand is the brand name associated with one of the best selling smart phones in the world. The company introduced a smart watch not so long ago, which has all the features synonymous with Apple including a very good fitness tracker app. This has led to a series of continuous debates whether to invest in Fitbit Blaze Vs Apple Watch 2

The Blaze can be undoubtedly called as Fitbit’s first smart watch even if the company refuses to acknowledge it. Fitbit Blaze has still a long way to go to improve in terms of its looks. The plastic straps and even the recently introduced metal or leather straps fail to create an impact and Apple 2 is still the clear winner in this field. Apple smart watches on the other hand are available in all the usual colours associated with Apple devices and also have a white ceramic model. Both the smart watches in comparison have coloured touch screen displays but the Apple watch 2’s OLED technology is far brighter compared to Blaze.

When it comes to navigation controls, Fitbit blaze has two buttons along with the option for touch screen navigation whereas Apple watch 2 has entirely made away with buttons in its new watch. When it comes to waterproof concept, Apple 2 takes a back seat as the makers claim that it is safe to take a dip wearing Fitbit Blaze up to a depth of 50 metres.

The Blaze is undoubtedly the best watch for fitness enthusiasts. It can track numerous features ranging from sleep, steps, calories number of floors climbed and even optical time. Apple 2 does not have these many fitness tracking features but one can easily download third party apps on Apple smart watch 2 for the purpose. The Blaze can track your every activity and track it as an exercise easily giving you a list of calories burnt at the end the end of the day. Apple watch 2 on the other hand is not equipped to do so. Blaze will also automatically detect and update the cardio fitness levels due to the latest update it received which means that you can now compare cardio fitness levels with others and take steps to improve them. Apple watch 2 has all the features of the smart phone enabling you to check and receive emails, calls, instant messages etc.