How To Choose The Right Safety Boot?

Why Safety Boots?

Safety Boots and Work Boots are essential piece of equipment in workplaces. Many industries make use of safety boots including building and construction, chemical industries and even in military. For organizations working in these sectors it is vital to protect the workforce from unnecessary and avoidable accidents that may even lead to death.

How to Choose the right safety shoe?

Safety Boots are necessary at workplace and the answer for choosing the right shoe lies in what your specific job requires, and what safety features you need on your safety shoe. Your workplace is the most significant thing you should look at. Companies have some policies for the employees to wear safety shoes that have some special features. You must get information about safety features from your head or supervisor. But there is a disadvantage that you can get one specific style in one brand. Some of the special featured boots for specific occupations are:

Fire Boots

Lineman Boots

Mining Boots

Oil Rigger Boots

Water-resistant Boots

Logger Boots

Though, above boots are specific in their occupation, company may have some strict requirements over the boots. For example, requirement for a metatarsal guard.

Below is the list of type of features that each work boot may have:

Heat Resistant Boots- This type of work boot is necessary in which different temperature conditions you will face.

Electrical Hazard Safety Boots- This type of work boot is specifically made for people who work in high voltage areas where there is a high chance of highly charged equipment come into contact with a live circuit. But you should not use this place where static discharge may cause problems.

Insulated Boots- This type is similar to heat-resistant boot where temperature conditions considered as main characteristic.

Metatarsal Boots- This type of boot usually got metatarsal guards to protect the instep from objects that may fall on the instep area of foot.

Puncture Resistant Boots- This type of boot helps to prevent the deep penetration of heavy objects on your foot. It is necessary in work environment where there is of sudden falling objects, punctures may happen.

Slip Resisting Footwears- If you are working in an environment where renovation of floors going on, then there is more of slipping on the floor. Here slip resisting footwears help to prevent such situation.

Static Dissipating Footwear- This type of boot required for those who work on sensitive electronic equipment such as PCB boards or circuit boards. This type of footwear avoided in high voltage areas.

Safety Toe Footwear- The most common type of toe cap is a Steel Toe. The other types are composite toe and alloy toe. Both are expensive than steel toe.

All the above considerations you need to look at when you are searching for the right protective footwear.