Overview of different Yamaha digital pianos

When it comes to choosing a digital piano, it is all about which piano provides the best value for your money. But just paying money is not enough, you should be able to choose the piano that best suits your needs. Yamaha is a market leader in the manufacture of best digital pianos. It has many models to suit the tastes and budgets of different types of players. While choosing a Yamaha digital piano, one should make sure that the right balance is achieved between sound quality, touch or feel, desired features, look of the instrument, the budget and so on. Let us take a look at some of the Yamaha piano models

Yamaha P 35 – This is the best choice for people who are looking to purchase a Yamaha digital piano on a budget. It comes with the Graded Hammer Standard Keyboard technology which is a similar feature shared by almost all the high end models of Yamaha. The piano has only around 32 notes of polyphony and this is quite less compared to other models in the market.#2 notes of polyphony is apt for a beginner but not for a seasoned player. The keyboard is light in weight and has several features like dual voice and split voice.

Yamaha P 105 – This piano is much better in every sense than its predecessor the P95 model. It comprises of a 4 level piano sample which makes the sounds of this piano quite realistic. The keyboard follows the GHS technology which is very good , but if you want to opt for the GH technology which is slightly better, you should go for a higher end model.

Yamaha YDP 162 – This piano comes with great furniture which can enhance the décor of a room. It follows the graded hammer technology in its keyboard which produces the best sound effect.