Steps to Get All Work Visas in Canada

Everyone these days loves to immigrate to Canada as it is a land of opportunities. It is a great place for people to work and settle down. The country enables a certain number of immigrants every year to visit Canada. People from different countries can enter Canada and start a new life there on the basis of student visa, skilled worker visa, experience class visa, sponsorship visa and Immigration Ways transfers. While trying to apply for any of the visas, it is a wise idea to seek the help of an immigration lawyer.

These lawyers can guide companies and individuals to obtain work visas under the NAFTA, GATT and Intra company transfer program. They will help in the documentation process and can aid in making the process simple and easier with lesser case of rejections. By making use of a program called International Mobility Program, companies can transfer certain number of employees to work in Canada as intra company transferees. These employees can add value to the organization in Canada with their skills, managerial effectiveness and can help in enhancing business opportunities in markets overseas.

Through this process, companies can transfer senior executives, managers or employees with certain skill sets to a parent, branch or subsidiary in Canada. It is a popular option for businesses and companies who wish to obtain skilled labour force in Canada. Furthermore these people are exempted from obtaining a Labour Market Impact Assessment. This is because Canadian Government considers that through this intra company transfer programme, the companies are benefitting the Canadian economy by providing significant benefit through the transfer of expertise for Canadian businesses.

In order to move to Canada through the intra company transfer programme, employees must have been employed with the company that intends to transfer the employee for a period of twelve months. Furthermore, he or she must be a full time employee of the company. He should have been an employee of the company within the three preceding years of applying for the company. The employee who is transferred must add significant value and should perform good work for the Canadian affiliate. He or she must work in Canada under one of the three categories namely in the Executive level, Senior Managerial level or with specialized knowledge.

In order to work with intra company transfer, the employees require a work permit. In order to obtain this permit, one can avail the services of a good immigration lawyer who is well versed in the process.