Why conduct workplace investigations in Melbourne

Workplace investigations in Melbourne are a part and parcel of workplace regulation laws in Melbourne. These investigations when conducted periodically can ward off allegations of bullying, harassment, discrimination, misconduct and fraud in work places. These can also help the company owners in protecting themselves from legal problems which may arise if workplace investigations are not conducted in a systematic manner If not conducted, it may present particular challenges to the employers, workers which can be highly personal, complicated or unpleasant. They can result in serious repercussions if ignored in the long run.

It may also result in unnecessary costs which may pose a threat for the employer .Employee morale may suffer and this may result in increased absenteeism and attrition rates. It can also result in millions worth of money in insurance claims .A survey has suggested that only a small percentage of managers are well experienced in handling workplace disputes or complaints .Certain other people have insufficient time to handle complex and emotional employee issues. They will be already burdened with huge workload making them incapable of handling the investigation.

If workplace investigations are handled by employees within the company, it may result in increased complaints of perceived bias towards one of the employees involved. Hence organizations often appoint independent private investigators to handle the process .It is a practical, efficient and cost effective option in most of the cases. External workplace investigators conduct an independent, impartial investigation into formal complaints about bullying, harassment, discrimination, fraud or unethical behaviour at work, and make findings of fact. They can also make comments on any apparent breaches of policy, and recommend post-investigation support strategies for better functioning of companies.

Workplace investigations help in addressing employee complaints in a timely and effective manner. It can deliver fairness in judgements for all the parties that are involved. It can ensure compliance with several legal and regulatory frameworks .It can reduce the risk of court cases and disciplinary actions which can result if the investigation gets overturned .It can avoid distractions in workplace for the managers and employees who can work better resolving issues in a timely manner. This can in turn lead to increased productivity and profits.